How can you help?

Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.

- Nelson Mandela


There is an innumerable amount of under privileged and vulnerable children with an immense amount of potential in South Africa. Sadly many are unable to meet their full potential because of their life circumstances. Hope 4 Kids is a Cape Town Based NPO that aims to provide children with opportunities to reach their full potential by helping them through school.

How it started

This all started in 2000 when founder of Hope 4 Kids, Elvira Greeff-Preckl, visited Cape Town and saw the despair of the marginalised communities, known as Townships.

While visiting and volunteering at schools in these townships she saw the needs of the children in these schools:

Children wore old worn out and sometimes torn uniforms

Children came to school hungry, and when home still to find there was not meal for the day

Most families could not afford to pay their children’s school fees which cause schools to be under resourced

And some children could not advance to the next grade because their previous fees were not paid.

Hope 4 Kids was born to help children meet these needs.

What we do

Today Hope 4 Kids helps underprivileged children through school by:


Helping pay for their schooling

This includes:

    • School fees
    • Stationeries
    • Uniforms
    • Transport

And providing the families with a month’s groceries so that the children can have something to eat when they go to school.

Additional projects

Hope 4 Kids also work with marginalised communities running:

Soup Kitchens

Clothing for those in need

How can you help?

We are always looking for donations and help.  If you would like to help please contact us at the details below.

Our bank details are also provided for donations.