Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future.

- Nelson Mandela

About us

In South Africa there are countless disadvantaged and vulnerable children with immense potential. Unfortunately, many are unable to reach their full potential due to life circumstances.

Hope 4 Kids is a Cape -Town based NPO that aims to serve children and allow them the opportunity to reach their full potential by helping them with their educational needs.

What we do

Hope 4 Kids was founded with the aim of serving children and supporting them with their identified educational needs through an educational institution.

Support is provided by raising funds after a child’s needs have been identified. The Funds raised are then used to meet these needs.

Hope 4 Kids currently support our children with:

  • School fees

  • Stationeries

  • Uniforms

  • Monthly meals (Provided to their families)

  • and Transportation

We believe that by supporting our children with their immediate needs such as those listed above; They can better focus on their education and their future.

Additional projects

Hope 4 Kids also work with underserved communities by running:

  • Soup Kitchens

  • and delivery of clothing to the needy.