The project
Help me to do it on my own! – Words from: Maria Montessori

Dear Miss, dear Mister

I would like to introduce myself:
My name is Elvira Greeff. I’ve studied at the Kindergartnerinnenseminar from 1998 to 2002. I had my first contact with the underprivileged quarter, also known as the Townships, during a practical in Cape Town (South Africa). The misery is frightening, the joy and gratitude at the same time encouraging to help.

This is how it began:
After my first stay in Cape Town, my friends from school and I went to sing on the street and with great success we collected money for the schools in the Townships. The children and the teacher made a list of their needs. As I came back to Cape Town I wanted to spend the money on as many things as possible, the things that were missing and really important for them to have. I was surprised how much you can change with just a little.

This is how it went on:
I’ve found my country, family/friends and my task. On the 31.12.2002 I left Switzerland to live and work in Cape Town. I would love to keep on supporting the children, but I am dependent on the help from Switzerland, and of course any other person who wants to help.

The Project
school (class) takes care of a school/class in the townships of Cape TownHow:
collect money with operations like: streetmusic, cake-sales, candle- and wreath-selling, carwashing, race sponsors and much more. You will hear from me about any changes. Letters, drawings and photos will touch your heart and show you the progress.When:
ANY support is valuable. But it’s your choice when you want to help. For example every 6 months.Guarantee:
I have lived in Cape Town since the 31.12.02 and visit the Townships on a regular basis, checking what the needs are at the schools. I go and buy the things myself and each and every collected coin goes into the school.

If you’re interested or for more informations please contact me.

Yours sincerely
Elvira Greeff


Development and projects of Hope-4-Kids

In 2000, I completed a practical in Cape Town and had the first contact with the townships.

This was very impressive – the children that I saw there, always stayed on my mind.
Back in Switzerland, I told my colleagues what I had experienced and we got together and made music for street children in Cape Town.
During my next vacation in Cape Town, I used the money to help daycare centers and foster families.
I was able to achieve a lot, but the money was used up eventually. I could not turn my back. I wanted to help even more, because I saw how much small things could change their lives.

That’s when I decided to found Hope-4-Kids.

After I had finished my studies I immigrated to Cape Town in 2002. I worked there as a pre-school teacher and in my spare time I concentrated in growing Hope-4-Kids.

We are and have always been a small organization. But exactly out of that reason we are able to keep it personal, which many really appreciate. At the moment the team is made up with three active members, Rachel who runs all the projects in Cape Town and then my husband and I. All projects run via us, as well as all the financial matters. We all volunteer and don’t receive any salary for the work we do. Like this we can guarantee that every cent goes to the children.

One of our principles is that we don’t give any cash money. We find out what is currently the most important and necessary need and then buy it, always at the best price, and then hand it over. Like this we can assure that the money gets used for the meant purpose.

Just to mention a few of our projects:

  • General groceries (Foster homes and daycares), breakfast
  • School uniforms, school fees and stationary at the beginning of the year
  • Ponchos and blankets in winter
  • Mattresses
  • Educational toys as well as jungle gyms for preschools
  • Last year we also had a soup kitchen, which ran through-out winter
  • One of my big dreams came true in August 2012. My cousin started to sponsor a child. She’s paying his school fees, uniform, stationary and whatever else is needed for this little boy, named Wadley. Wadley has a heart valve problem and he lives alone with his mother and grandmother, as his dad past a way a year ago. Financially it’s almost impossible for the family to send Wadley to school, but thanks to the support of my cousin he now can attend school on a regular basis. My wish is, to have many more people sponsoring a child, just like my cousin does.

Since 2009, I live with my husband in Switzerland. Thanks to Rachel Hope-4-Kids carries on just like before if not even better. It has always been that 90% of the donations have come out of Switzerland, and now that I am back in Switzerland I have more opportunities to introduce Hope-4-Kids to people. At the same time I know everything runs smoothly in Cape Town.

I just miss one thing, and that is the beaming faces and bright eyes of the children as a thank you and motivation to carry on what we are doing. Children’s eyes say more than a thousand words.